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Good Morning, Deb--

Aha, finally another PHR ! I was beginning to think I was the only one in existance! LOL

I would say you are probably doing OK, or as OK as you should be at this point. Are you still using a cane? How is everything else, except the groin pain? How dependent are you on pain meds? Looking back, I was sure I would be just fine, end of story, at three months and was quite disillusioned when that just didn't happen. Month by month, I counted down and am now past the 8 month mark and am finally seeing a real turn around. Pain is much less now and all motions are easier. I was pretty much living on Tylenol after my stomach completely rebelled on the NSAIDS. I have now reached a point where most days I take no more than 2 Extra Strength a day. I take those first thing in the morning.......if needed, and most mornings, it is needed! However, once I actually went for 48 hours without taking any at all. Big Celebration there! :bouncing: I do find that barometric changes most always cause more pain to happen. I notice that Linda asked, in another post, what your doctor had told you. If your situation is like mine, I learned quickly that planning a THR, with advance information, home setup checks, possibly a class, is a whole lot different than landing in the ER with a partially broken hip. In my case, they pretty much fixed me and sent me home. I did have a post op check scheduled by my doctor, and another asked for by me, but was then told to come back in a year. When I told my primary care doctor about this he said "that's because they know it is going to hurt, they can't do anything about it, and they don't want to have to listen to you. By the time you go back, it will probably be just fine." :confused: It's beginning to look like that is the case, since I seem to improve constantly. Another 3 1/2 months and this may finally be the end of the story! Hang in there, and write whenever you wish.........too bad we can't share email addresses here. :) Anne

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