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Or know what it could be?

A few days ago my quad/inner thigh started to hurt and then the pain them moved into mainly my quad/knee. I got a massage yesterday and I now feel the pain mostly in my knee and above my knee, although when I walk I can feel a little bit of it beginning to creep up my quad. I have't run since Wed.

It feels fine when I'm standing on it but hurts when I'm walking, so I'm limping around because I'm afraid the walking motion will cause the pain to spread through my quad again. Note: It doesnt hurt bad enough that I can't walk, but I do prefer to stay off it at this point.

I do have runners knee, that is mainly in the other (right) leg, but I have always felt a slight bit of pain from runner's knee in my left (now injured) leg. I only wear a brace on the right knee(one of the straps that go just under your knee). I have been using that brace on my left knee and it seems to help me walk without pain. I would think it is just a case of runners knee flairing up, but the pain is more above the knee than under it.

I'm going to get to the doctor tomorrow if I can get away from work, but in the meantime, anyone experience pain like this? Could it be a tear?

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