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Hi Jonanie,
I am glad you found this site, it was the best help for me when I was in your shoes. I was just a few years older(52) than you when I found out both my hips were completly shot from being antiverted. I too am self employed (boarding/grooming kennel), very athletic and active, not ready to slow down but the pain was increasingly curtailing my activites. I had never had any surgery before either and was just plain pissed off at the world that this had to happen to me. I had a fantastic new hubby that I did all our sports with. However, I can not tell you how wonderful it has been since I had both hips replaced almost a year ago now.

The fact that you are in good shape will make big difference in your recovery time. As well as having a skilled surgeon. Do make sure you research all the alternatives, but in the end find yourself the best surgeon you can and trust him/her. Then do yourself a big favor and start to workout to get strong!

My recovery was much faster than average, but mostly because I was in great physical condition thanks to lots of strength training before surgery. I was home from simultaneous bilateral THR in 2 days, forgetting to use my crutches within 4 days and starting back to work lightly in my kennel within 2 weeks. I did have a wonderful home support between my son and DH. Son was able to run my kennel for me and DH took care of everything else for the first week which is the hardest time. But if you are in good physical shape before your surgery, you will find that you can get back to your life a lot sooner than you may think and best of all THE HIPS DON'T HURT!

Among the many activites that I have been able to resume, some as soon as a month post, including kayaking, hiking, biking, a little running, rollerblading skiing x/c and downhill, dog shows, the most incredible to me is horseback riding after a hiatus of over 25yrs!! I am leasing a great little gelding and now riding 3-4X/week doing dressage and jumping! And of course I am back to working the kennel 7 days/week including lifting big dogs in and out of the tub.

In looking back, I now wonder why I waited so long to have my hips replaced. I can enjoy my life now while I am still young. I know I will most likely have to have a revision but maybe by then I will have slowed down a little :) (or not). At any rate I will face that when the time comes. At least I now know what I am facing and it does not scare me so much.

So what type of riding do you do!!??
Hey All,
Seems like I just don't have the time to get here as much lately, but glad to see the gang is mostly still here.

Gram and beanster,
Sorry to hear things are not as good as they might be. beanster, you have plenty of time to improve and you will. I understand your impatience, I was very bad too, just ask Balleteach. Sitting will probably always be tough somewhat, at least getting up from sitting. Can you email or call your OS with your questions? Mine is always available that way. You may find you do indeed to too much too fast at times, but the pain from those instances should subside in a few days. It is good to work hard at rehab, but you must listen to your body.

Linda and Balleteach,
Hello my hippie friends, good to see you!! Linda, wow, you are back to work full time?? Funny how our bodies work. But at least you don't hurt(except for the bad hip:(). I too tend to forget most the time the hips are fake. I am coming up on 1 year, the end of the month, can you believe it? I am anxious to see my OS to make sure everything is ok. I have not been running until he gets to see the xrays and see if he gives me the ok. There are a few moves that I make that cause a fair amount of pain. It seems to be mostly a fast, lateral move with weight that causes a sharp pain right in the joint. Happens the most when I have to grab at a dog as it is going by. Other than that, I think they are great.

Not all surgeons will do simultaneous bilateral THR. There are a lot of factors that go into the decision if you are a good candidate too. My OS told me he did not often do them but I fit the criteria so if that is the way I wanted to go he was good with it. For me it was much better than 2 seperate surgeries. His criteria included being lean, stong boned, motivated, muscular, young and a good support system.

That is cool you do dogs! what medium do you do? I have a pastel portrait of my heart dog (that I lost 6 years ago) that is my most beloved possesion. It hangs over the fireplace mantle in our living room. I raise, run and show Siberian Huskies. Have had them for over 30 yrs, its a passion sorta like the horse. We have 10 Siberians, one Pom, 3 persians, 2 DSH and a few fish. Then I have the boarding kennel which helps to pay for all my passions:). we are a little far from you,...Vermont.

How awful how your horse was killed!! But I can understand the lack of bonding, it just happens sometimes. I work 1 day a week at the barn where my gelding is boarding to help pay for him. There are 20 horses there, and some of them I am so fond of, but some just don't do anything for me. I don't dislike them, just have no fondness for them. My little guy is a real people horse however and can win anyone over. DH has never been around a horse in his life, but he is really getting attached to King since he has been staying here with us. Says it is like having a very big lap dog. And yes, being able to ride again is most wonderful, there is nothing like it. While he is here, I am riding him on miles of trails in the state forest that surrounds us. He is muscling up from all the hills. He will be going back to the barn soon. While I love all the facilities including the indoor arena, I am really gonna miss having him here to spend so much time with. he is gonna miss it too.

Take care everyone and enjoy spring.

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