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Balleteach....hip resurfacing is an alternative to a THR. The problem is that the FDA has not approved the prothesis in the US yet. Approval should be forthcoming, since Kaiser has sent docs and other ortho clinics have sent docs to Belgium and Australia and England for training. The difference is that with the THR it is usually a small metal ball with a polyethelene liner or a cross linked poly liner or a ceramic on ceramic. Your femur is amputated and the stem is driven down the shaft of the rest of the femur and then put together.
You have had a great run with yours and no troubles. The problem comes with the revision surgery and less bone to deal with. Hip resurfacing is less invasive but a more complicated surgery. The joint is dislocated and the arthritic portion of the socket is cleaned out and the head of the femur is resurfaced and a metal cap with a small stem is put on the end of it. They do not cut any bone, it is only resurfacred. The components are metal on metal and the FDA must approve the metal on metal prothesis.
It is usually used in younger people who lead an active life style and there is little chance of dislocation. It loads like a normal hip. The only problem is that old people like me have a hard time qualifying since I am a white postmenopausal woman with osteoporosis . Usually not a good risk since there could be a likelihood of femoral neck
fractures. I am willing to take my chances to do the splits
again. I want to dance in class again and do yoga and pilates and all of those things i was told I could or should not do with a THR. There are a handful of docs that do them in the US. I found a great one who will do me and
said he feels after he saw how flexible my good side was
that the bone quality was good. The scar will be larger because there is no mini incision and the great thing is the reovery time. Most people are walking with no aid in four weeks and back playing tennis, jogging, dancing in 3 months. Look up the dancer William Starret or google him and it will show my doc doing a bilateral hip resurface and he went back to peform for three years in the ABT. Wish me luck...I want to dance again......the acupuncture your friend had seems about right. I go every two weeks usually and it really has helped. Karen
Hi Jonanie.......You are very young and should look into both different kinds of THR's and what type of prothesis that the docs use such as ceramic on ceramic metal on metal and also
if the docs have done there clinical fellowship in hip joint re-
placement or hip resurfacing. At your young age, I would check out hip resurfacing which does not involve amputating your femur and ramming a metal rod down the shaft. I t is much less invasive where the femur is not cut into but resurfaced and a metal cap is used with a metal enables the hip to load naturally and also will last many years. Check out both THR and Hip Resurfacing and ask many quesrtions so you can make a well informed decision about your body. Karen

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