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Hi Everyone, Thanks to all who replied and gave encouragement. Well, I went to my dr. appt. yesterday. I had an x-ray of the hip and saw my dr. He was as surprised as I was by what happened. He said the dr. who put my hip back into place said it was very difficult to get back in place. He thinks I must have turned my leg just the wrong way for it to come out. He also said he thought the cup may have moved slightly, although he looked at an x-ray from december and one from yesterday and said it would be very slight. He said that enough bone may not have grown around the cup yet. Neverless, I will have to wear this brace for at least 2 months and he says if it happens again he'll have to make the implant longer which will mean wearing a lift in my other shoe. So, I guess I'll sit on my but for 2 months and do what exercising I can while in this predicament. I want to make sure it heals well this time. He also said out of all the bad things that could happen after THR, that this was thebest of the bad. The thing I hate most is my husband having to do so much for me. I'm a fairly independant person and that part is really hard for me, even though he does it and doesn't complain. Sweet guy hugh! Anyways, I'm going to try to think positively and not do anything I'm not supposed to do. Katsandra

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