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Hi there.
well I'm only 24 years old so i dont really think I should be having problems with my joints. Well i guess professional roller skating ( 10 years worth) and riding horses ( for 10 years also) doesnt help the situation. I've always had bad knees ( my patella tracks a little off center) but recently they've been horrendous. They are usually achey... a get very sharp pains deep inside...and if they are bent for too long ( like sitting cross legged) I can barely straighten them out...IT HURTS! They always crack when I bend them..and f you put your hand on my knee you can feel it pop. This happens all the time and more severly on my right.. but isnt as bad on the left. My PCP doesnt seem to think it's anything serious.. I mentioned it in my last physical. Do you think it could just be from all the awful wear and tear I put my poor knees through? Will I have to deal with this forever?? I just can't take rainy days because of this.. the pain seems to be worse for some reason. If anyone can help me out.. give some advce I'd love to hear it.Thanks so much. I hope you all are feeling well with your knees/hips!
( hopefully i wont get to that point!!)

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