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Hi Jackie-
So have you found any new dr's with some knowlege of SC? You were going to HSS right? That stands for Hospital of Special Surgeries right? I have read good things about this hospital so I find it hard to believe that there isn't someone very knowlegeable on their staff. Maybe he was the one and just too rushed to do you justice. I have problems myself with that. I never know which dr is going to show up at the appt. My husband and I laugh on which dr is going to show up. Dr Good or Dr Bad. But in their defense somedays must be very hard for an oncologist. I too have read some scary things about tumor removal in the hip when they have to dislocate it. Good results with artho and a good dr but never quite gets it all out because they just can't reach all of the synovium. Hard decisions but maybe artho could at least buy some more time until the inevitable hip replacement. Let me know how it all unfolds. I hope you get a dr soon that's right for you.
I met with my oncologist today and got the results of my MRI. Good news. No new growths and the remaining ones are the same too. Radiologist still says a diffuse synovial process is taking place and the synovium is still thickening. Doesn't seem to be so aggressive though and has slowed down a lot. My knee has been feeling better and stronger and I'm not limping around nearly as much. It still hurst because of the OA now so I asked for a cortisone shot to see it it helps. To soon to tell tonight but I do see an improvement. That would be so great if this works and buys me time on a TKR. Keep your fingers crossed.
Now the bad news. My back is hurting now!!! I've had back problems for 30 years on and off. So I talked with the dr today about this and my on going nerve problem in the calf and foot. Could this numb foot really be associated with my back after all this? And we just happened to stumble on the knee first? I tell ya! He refered me to a another OS for spines who he acutally goes to. Having some siatica problems but hope to wait and see maybe after Christmas. Depends how bad it gets. I really want to be ok again but all and all feel much better. Not as depressed and am getting on with doing things again. Joined a low impact water aerobics class which I love. Flunked yoga - just not for me.
Happy Holidays to you! 2007 will be better we can only hope.

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