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HELP please!
May 25, 2006
I've had a pretty rough 5 going on 6 months.

Started out with VERY intense localized low back pain (a tad to the right) with inflammation at the site of the pain. This lasted for weeks even with the somewhat helpful anit-inflammatories and muscle relaxers.

Now the pain is pretty much non-existant in my back now except for when I first wake in the morning or if I wake in the early morning, it feels like my back could crack or break. Now too, after I've been up out of bed and about, it seems to improve.

The pain seemed to move to my hips and thighs. Particullarly on the right side. Feels like a terrible tooth ache with intermittent groin pain that seems to shoot up in to my vagina or anus. The hip seems unstable at times and sometimes I'm not able to bare weight on it. These areas sensitive to the touch. They are warm and somewhat swollen. Especially at the top of my right hip bone. The inflammation from the hip bone seems to run down my right groin to inside my right upper thigh. Today my right hip is really bad. I'm having difficulty walking as it pains so in the joint.

My legs are now very painful instead of the achiness I had accompanied with my hip and thigh pain, this leg pain is awful. Its localized pain at certain spots...behind the knees (esp. right) where there are inflammed round large peasized nodules or lumps. They are hard and fixed. The front of my thighs near my knees and the insides of my thighs near my groin are also very tender to the touch and I can feel bumps there as well. My right calf is the same with the nodules and very tender. My right shoulder as well as my ankles and the left side of my neck. Finally, the latest spots I've noticed are on my spine. various spots are very tender to slight pressure.

The late afternoons into the evenings and night are TERRIBLE! My legs throb with pain and feel very warm to the touch.

I am so at my whitts end. In the evenings I tend to be very aggitated by all of this and it is really affecting my life, my relationship with hubby and it kills me to not be able to enjoy my children the way I want to...on the floor playing and having fun.

I've been to my family GP NUMEROUS times. Had numerous sets of bloodwork including checking for inflammation in my blood cells? indicating an auto-immune disorder like arthritis. Still nothing.

I have x-rays tomorrow and am hoping beyond hope that something will show up and I can begin the road to recovery.

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