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[SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]I was browsing the web trying to find information on Partial Hip Replacements and there seems to be a ton of information regarding what to expect before, during and after but not alot of feedback from people that have actually had them. Especially someone of my age (30).

I developed Leg Perthes when I was a child (3 years) and against all odds I beat the 95% who came out with a limp, wheelchair or cane and ended up developing a leg that allowed me to play in all sports and actually dunk a basketball at 5'5". It was abnormal but they said around 5% are capable of doing just that. I was blessed and lucky...

Although, now i'm 30 and have recently been scheduled to go in for a partial hip replacement. I have a 3 year old and another child on the way and I typically lead an active life. I can't say that I'm not afraid of the outcome to not be able to do the things with my children that I always dreamt of doing because of limitations of my hip.

Here is one of my most major questions for all of you... What would be the best exercise / workout to get my body and hip in shape before the surgery? I have a few months and would like to get on a regular routine to make sure I'm in top shape before I go in under the knife.

Should I look into buying a exercise bike? I already have free weights and a nice bench and leg press... I haven't exercised in some time ... used to be a physical fitness champion in high school so getting started again wouldn't be a problem other than motivation..

Please if anyone knows of a good routine... what equipment I should look at or what not... I would greatly appreciate it.

Oh one more question... I almost went pro in golf and wondering if golf is something that is doable after any type of hip surgery? "CROSSING FINGERS!!"

Let me know. I appreciate it.

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