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Well, I am now 54 yrs young:) I recently did a women's only mountainbike clinic here in the Vermont hills on a day that poured non stop and reached a high of 50 degrees. When we assembled in the morning, I was bummed to see I was the oldest one there and most were 20-30 ish fit young things who had no thoughts at all about hip replacements. However, as the day wore on, I was tickled pink to see that I was able not only to keep up but to actually kick some of those tight young butts! :) Six grueling hours in the saddle over all kinds of terrain, covered in mud. One tough bunch of ladies!! After days like that, I always send a little mental 'thank you' to my most wonderful OS for giving me the chance to play like that again. He was able to see me as a person, an individual with needs and feelings. He understood that being able to be active with my husband again was very important to us. When I asked if there was any possiblity of running again, he rolled his eyes and said "Your killing me!", but was willing to work with me towards that goal. That is the reason I have metal/poly hips instead of ceramic/ceramic. The newest generation of poly has shown to be extremely long wearing without the chance of breakage that can happen with ceramic under high impact. I liked the fact that this surgeon was not locked into just one type of material, but used what seems best for each individual. If you are on the east coast, he is at Dartmouth Medical center.

I do feel it is extremely important to get as fit as possible before your surgery. It can make a big difference in the success. Lots of weight training to get as lean and strong as you can. A possitive mental attitude makes a big difference too.


Wow, I am so sorry to hear all the trouble you went thru! I sure hope you have better luck with the revision! Last year, after simultaneous bilateral THR I was in no pain thanks to nice durgs, was weight bearing the next morning, doing stairs and halways by afternoon and then sent home the next day. Within 4 days at home I was sometimes forgetting to use my crutches when going room to room. I did have my DH and son home to take care of everythng for the first week, they were great. It amazes me to hear how different the experiences can be. So much depends on the surgeon/hospital/type of surgery/reason for surgery, etc. It will be interesting to hear from you if there is much differnce from your last experience, especially with the newer techniques/technology. I sure hope you have a much better experience with the revision!!


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