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Hi Linda,

Good to see a familar face here!!! :)

What a drag having bad knees with our new hips!! I do have issues with my knees more now than ever before. I most likely have arthritis in there too. I think I have experienced what you are describing, but it usually works out within 10-15 min. I figure some of my knee problems stem from the fact that I walk differently with the new hips, better, but different. I do think that slowly the knee sorness is getting better, it has been over a year now for me. The knee pain can be in different places at different times tho which seems strange. When I get it in the back like you describe is is very sharp. Sometimes it aches on the outside which most likely is caused by ITB. Then on occasion I get a sharp pain under the knee cap. It can be really hard/painful getting up when I have been kneeling or squatting for a time too.
But, the knee pain is no where near as bad as the hip pain was so at least for now, I am gonna just live with it!!!

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