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Hi Ripanco!! Good to see you too! :D

I've had this before but since I'm heading to Florida in 3 weeks with DH I went into panic mode. I have some "aches" on the inside of the knee, but most of the pain is in the inner crease of where the knee bends. I know it's my arthritis. I've started my Mobic and Tylenol yesterday and ice when I got home. Then I got into a nice [I]hot tub[/I] and that felt good. Today I've been putting ice on it here at work and it's feeling better today. Not 100%...but oh so much less stiffness and pain. Yesterday when I'd get up out of my seat I could barely walk right away. And I need to loose weight. I put so much weight on after the surgery, but drastic times call for drastic meaures and I'm really, really cutting down and eating better.
I guess when I get back from Florida a trip to the Ortho Dr. is in order.

So how are you???
Hi Martha and thanks for the reply. My pain isn't actually sharp. I actually have no pain at all while sitting, sleeping or standing! It begins after walking for a distance and it's right in the "crease" behind the knee cap. Of course I have that dull ache on the inside of the knee and I know that's the OA. But I'm assuming that this pain behind the knee in the crease has to be somehow associated with the OA or I'd have pain all the time.

The Mobic has helped trememdously with the stiffness and today I actually walked "normal" from the bus to my office. So I'm hoping that between the Mobic (prescription anti-inflamatory) and my Arthritis Stregnth Tylenol I'll be fine until I get back from vacation next month. Obvoiusly, if I didn't see any improvement I'd go to the Dr. before hand. But I think I'll be fine; for now! :dizzy:

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