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Re: Hip Replacement
Aug 11, 2006
) What purpose does polyethelyne liner serve in THR? It's been the norm, now there is much movement to Ceramic on Ceramic, Metal on Metal, Ceramic on Poly, Metal on Poly and now Ceramic on Metal. This is truely a huge medical debate. What is beneficial for the patient. I chose to have ceramic on metal in my hips. It's not completely approved together, but the studies that I read were very favorable and it just made sense for me so that is what I decided to have. There is great results with today's polyethylene liners since most are made with cross link - poly.. This is the way the material is made and manufactured. Cross link Poly has had great results, but most surgeons tend to move towards what the patients ask for.
2) Why is polyethelyne liner not used in hip resurfacing?
In hip resurfacing, the acetabular shell is already lined with a metal liner built into the shell, so you can't have a poly shell. This is like a Metal on Metal Total hip.
3) Is there any more news on the "metal irons" situation in resurfacing?
This is a huge controversy... Metal ions.. There are more and more studies that show high metal ion levels in the kidneys, leading to renal failure, but it's still a debate.
4) Does anyone know the results of the FDA trials on metal irons in
resurfacing? No clinical trials with surface replacement looking at metal ions. The FDA is looking at outcomes on whether surface replacement will fail.
5) Why is the resurfacing ball and socket bigger in size than in THR?
6) Why is THR subject to dislocation more than in resurfacing?

One of the things that I looked at before I had my total hip was surface replacement, but the way many of the surgeons perform this procedure is like a regular total hip replacement with a more extensive incision. After research, I turned to have a total hip replacement through the Anterior Approach. I found a website called "" and learned that a total hip could be done through the front of the hip. This procedure goes through an interval rather than cut through muscle. All other approaches that I investigated cut muscle or had to extensively repair tendons, etc. This approach seemed to make sense and after talking with a surgeon that did this approach, I was convinced to move in this direction. It was great. back to golfing in 10 days... Minimal pain, I had no precautions, my surgeon said walk and that was it..Hope this helps..

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