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I've had a knee injury in february. i'm 26 . the result is that now i get pain in my knee cap and a bit around it when i put weight on it.. And also that i can't fully bend my knee. this all happened for a very unsusual reason . All i did was bend my knees, and kept that position for about 10 seconds..

And now a few months later, i had adapted.. and didn't have pain.. but because 2 days i went out and tried to run.. i actually went out in the street and run lightly but I tried to run normally like before and it was for a long distance. Dumb me, cause right after doing that.. pain that i hadn't had for weeks, came back.. Today i feel better than yesterday..
Could it be that my knee joint got bruised?

however, recently before that day, i had been running nicely indoors in my room, and that didn't hurt. So could it be that running outside in the streets is bad for me, but running lightly in place is better? In the meantime what can i take for this pain. is 30 dollars for a bottle of Glucoasmine chondritin, worth it?

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