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This post was very helpful for me. I was in a car wreck in March and hurt my right knee. After PT and an MRI I was told I had practically the same kind of tear only more than one tear and both the inside and outside. I have been worrying about my time off from work after surgery.

Not sure when I will have my surgery as Insurance has run out. Am curious as to how much this kind of surgery costs. When I talked to my Doctor and didn't know my insurance was up he said we would work out the 20% not to worry. Now I would have to pay 100% and thought maybe I could borrow the money until I settle on my case BUT not sure what kind of cost I am looking at. I am thinking somewhere close to $8,000. Can anyone tell me anything? I am in Florida (we all know EVERYTHING is higher in Florida! ;) ) but just a ball park guess would help.

It seems most of you are saying the recovery is pretty quick. I drive a car 12 hours a day, so I need my right leg! My doctor said I might be off for 2 weeks, tops! I was skeptical, but I see from you all that it could be true.

Any information you could give me would be helpful! I hope all of you getting ready for surgery have a GREAT recovery and those who have had theirs I hope you are back to normal soon!:bouncing:

Take care everyone!

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