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Hi Roberto,

I am a young active person with THR. There are some of us that just are not good candidates for resurfacing, only a good surgeon that you have faith in can tell you that for sure. But you should not feel less than adequate if you need a THR.

That being said, I had both hips replaced the same day last May. I have a fantastic surgeon who does over 360 THR/yr and knows his stuff. I just had my 1 yr check up with him last week. My x-rays show wonderful bone growth around the prosesthis and my cups are nice and deep. He told me the likely hood of dislocation at this point is nil and said, quote "So go for it!". I have no more restrictions!

When I had my pre surgery appointments with this OS, he asked me what I wanted out of my new hips. He realized how athletic I am. Among other things, I asked if there was any chance of running again. He is not thrilled that I want to run, but he understands it is important to me. For that reason, he did chose Stryker's newest highly crosslinked poly cups with titanium ball for me, only because he was slightly worried about the increase risk of ceramic shattering with increased impact. However, there is a guy here in Vermont who has 10 yr old ceramic hips who is running marathons! But you have to realize that high impact activites may shorten the life span of your hips. I accept that because the quality of my life now is that important to me, and staying strong and fit can help keep things tight in your joints as well as protect the joint.

So Roberto, after one year, let me tell you what I am doing with little to no pain. I now have no restrictions. I mountainbike, run, kayak, horseback ride, x-c and downhill ski, rollerblade, hike, weight train, yoga, etc. I don't just dabble at most my sports either, DH and I still compete in master competitions. I have made some compromises in my running. I use the most cushioned shoe I can find, run only on soft surfaces and limit running to about 15 mi/week, but it is enough to get my fix and help keep me fit. I just probably will not race. But on my bike or skis I can still kick butt!

There several factors that will dictate just how much you will be able to do after THR. First of all you got to have a great, experienced surgeon then you have to get your self into good physical and mental condition both pre and post surgery. Get back to your weight training right now! But there is life after THR, wonderful life.


PS: your english is fantastic compared to my Italian!!

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