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[COLOR="Magenta"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hello everyone:) ,

This disease shows no mercy:mad: , no one is too young to get it. I was about 30 when symptoms popped up & was diagnosed with osteo. Just 2 mo ago diagnosed also with rheumatoid.
I'm 45, working full time on my feet all day with a grand career & a 13 yr hx of osteoarthritis(all hereditary). I was consuming 3000 mg daily of tylenol the first 11 yrs, the last 2 yrs 4500 mg daily.
I hyper-extended my knee 3 1/2 mo ago in a small dip in the grass. MRI said arthritis..., no tears anywhere. So basically it came back negative, x-rays also showed arthrits too. Like I didn't already no I was on crutches x 3 wks then cane for 3 more weeks. Was told the only thing left to do was scope my knee. I could not walk, was in excruciating pain, & could not I had the scope (had enough surgeries) done out of pure frustration. My Ortho knew something was really wrong inside because my knee was in such bad shape after hyper-extending it.

MRI did not show what was wrong but the SCOPE did.

I've been having spontaneous ruptures due to the severe osteo in my knees. There is nothing hardly left to the meniscus or cartlidge in my knees, left knee being the worst because it was injured on top of it already being bad. Told me all 3 compartments to the knee are severely affected & I will not be walking in 5 yrs...realistically it will be way less than that he said. I need a total knee replacement but am too young.
So now I am trying "hyalgan injections" starting next week. Hopefully this will bide me some time, hopefully yrs I pray. It's suppose to help provide cushion/shock absorption/replaces synovial fluid. This does need to be repeated ever so often.

Needless to say I was devistated when I was told. I wish I had known sooner that my knees were this bad. I guess I'm just to tough for my own good. My Family Physician made me feel like this bad pain was normal for a person with osteo. Had I went to the ortho sooner, had a scope done then more could have been done sooner to preserve the cartlidge/Meniscus which in turn really prolongs a TKR or PKR. I'm not telling anyone what to do, just my story. I'm now currently having to take 4500 mg tylenol, 150 mg ultram(pain med), & darvocet(pain med) - all daily.

I have difficulty with everything, walking, standing, sleeping, pain even with all the medications...anything. Plus a whole lot I can't more steps, no more walks, & no more riding bikes, and all the simple little things that we use our knees for in a daily routine. I pray at least I will be able to work...I won't know that till next week.

If a person is suffering from chronic pain in their knees & their seeing a orthopedic surgeon, their tests come back negative, then a scope might be strongly considered. It's inevasive & only 2-3 very small holes are made to get the scope in.
I wish you all many blessings & hope you don't have to travel down the road I did.
You will not regret it.


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