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Hi everyone, I finally went to the docs. Even though I hated paying the co-pay. My knee has been hurting everyday since I orginally posted. Last night when walking up stairs it gave way and well, I dropped my plate full of burgers onto the floor that I was bringing in from the grill. :-(

Anyway, I told her how it has been hurting since volleyball. Although the pain usually stops. I then told her while home, I went to get up and I heard/felt I tear or something of the sorts. I had A LOT of pain, some swelling afterwards. Since then it's hurt everyday though. It always aches now if I am on my feet for a long time. I told her if I sit on my knees it hurts on the inside of my right knee. I told her how walking around all of a sudden it feels like something gets stuck in my knee and starts grinding. It hurts when that happens, especially.
SO! She did all these movements to my knee which really didn't hurt. And said she thinks its just an old injury. Try taking 800 mg ibuprofren and ice it. If not better in a few days call back and she will have an x-ray taken. This way I can pay a bunch of co-pays and everyone can get some cash!
She said she will then refer me to an orthopedic doc. I said can't you just take some x-rays first?!
My friend has a torn meniscus and she hasn't gotten surgery since it happened. She says hers doesn't cause excrutiating pain either.

Oh well. Waste of time AND money if you ask me! I am not sure what an old injury would hurt all the itme now, what would be causing that grinding pain and something feeling stuck between my bones. I just figured I would tell everything since I was there!!!


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