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You're not alone.

I've had painful knees for years. Since I was a kiddie. I used to lose feeling in them, and end up crashing to the ground. Did it recently when getting up out of my computer chair in our study. Only problem is, we have tiled flooring. Ouch!!

I can be in agonizing pain with my knees.

But anyways, back to the noises. When I bend down, one knee clicks. When I go to stand up from bending, the other knee makes a grinding noise, and it is REAL loud. It can be painful sometimes, other times I just use it as a party trick. Freaks alot of people out ^_^

When I was younger, I was told that my knee problem was due to my growth rate. They thought I was going to be tall, and my knees couldnt stand my rapid growth. How wrong were they..?!! Well..I am only 5 ft 5..I've been this height since I was 10. And I'm still getting the pains. Especially when it's cold out.

I will go back to the doctors, now I'm older. See if they'll have another look.

Anyways, dont be embarrassed about the noises. We're all different.


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