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Hi Play Hard-
Since you have had your surgery what were the findings from your biopsy? I'm sure they would have done this and confirmed what kind of tumor you have. I'm curious too as to what kind of tumor you had. We have some things in common. I'm 55 now but was an advid skier when I was younger and it was the only time I ever injured my knee but that was 35 years ago. Took some good tumbles and sprained my knee twice and broke an ankle. Also find it interesting that I too had a small tumor removed maybe 5 years ago from the side of the heel. I don't know what it was either and wonder sometimes if it is all connected. I remember the dr also saying how unusual the location was. Now this disease has surfaced. The most prominent feeling is loss of extension and flexion and fullness/tightness and now swelling in the knee. I also had a dull deep pain in the back of the knee. Took about 5 years before anyone figured out what was wrong. I lost feeling in my heel first and then the bottom of my foot and knew I had to find out what was going on. Unfortunately I think I didn't pursue it soon enough and now have permanent damage to my tibial nerve. Luckily for me it's not very painful but back of leg, heel, bottom edge of foot and several toes are now numb. I guess the tumors stretched the nerve causing the damage and they think it is now scarred. Now arthritis has set in and I'm looking at a TKR before too long.
Does any of this feel familiar to you? Any more questions feel free to ask.

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