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I'm glad to hear you are doing well! I have never heard that 25% need revised after 2 years. I am wondering what the reasons behind it are, be it faulty materials or patients not following directions etc. I know I went 13 years before I needed mine done and could of went longer if I had wanted to just live with the pain.

I'm doing much better these days. I finally migrated to a cane and can walk without it but it brings about pain if I do walk without it. I am having some endurance problems, meaning I can't walk real far, but overall things are better.

One thing I noticed and got quite excited about, which probably seems silly to others, is that I can now lay on my left hip, the one what was replaced, without any pain at all! I never could do that after my first hip replacement. That was a big moment for me and it reminded me I did the right thing.
In a way it makes me wonder if perhaps I had complications the entire time with the first hip and just learned to live with it.

All my restrictions were lifted at 6 weeks but I was advised to to listen to my hip and not over do it. It really takes up to a year for everything to heal up appropriately. The one thing I do avoid is crossing my legs, from what I've been told is that that is one of the more prominent reasons hips dislocate.

I've been able to sleep all night long on my right side which is a God send. I hate sleeping on my back. Of course I sleep with pillows between my legs as I have done this since I was a small child and it's better for your spine and hips to do so anyhow.

I do find I'm having problems with energy. I had the same problem with the first hip and a small bout of depression. I've simply been trying to keep my mind occupied by doing digital art and playing small games so I don't think about things.

I see Cent hasn't been on in a while, I sure hope he's doing well!

all the best

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