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Hello, I am a 26 year old male. I haven't seen a doctor about this yet since I do not have insurance and I was told the MRI alone would cost me $700 dollars. The only problem I am having is weird since my knees feel normal, however only if I play basketball, the next day my knees swell up badly. I ice my knees and after a week or so the swelling goes away, then my knees ache for about a month or so. I can walk and do a light jog normally with np, however only when I play basketball is when it gets bad.

I love basketball and meet a lot of friends from the sport so I do not wish to give it up like all of the other things I have been forced to give up in my life. I was curious to know if I do need knee surgery, will it effect the way I play from now on? I ask since I hear about how some athletes never play the same after surgery, so I was wondering if that was only phsycological or if the surgery prevented them from "being their best". If I decide to get checked out and I need surgery, I just want to make sure I am not worse than what I am now. Thanks

Oh I forgot to add that I have always been athletic for most of my life. I think I have always weighed a lot more than others my size, but people say it is probably because of muscle. Even when I was considered skinny at the age of 21 I was 205 pounds (6'2" height) I gained a lot of weight at one point and was up to 260, that was when my knee pain was really bad. So I worked out hard at the gym again and lost 25 pounds so I am at 235 now. After playing basketball again the pain wasn't as bad as last time, in fact I thought that the swelling was gone for good but obviously it came back. Another reason I haven't gone to the doctor is because I figured it was a weight problem so I am trying to lose more weight to see if that will fix the problem.

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