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Hi, The ortho said I have a torn MCL mentioned maybe ACL. But didn't really seem to worry about it.

Last night in bed hubby was trying to help me when I was trying to get my right foot under the blankets (right knee injured), he thought I was in the clear and pulled on the blankets. Only to find out my foot was stuck. My leg came up (it hurts to bend it more than slightly) and it made a bunch of cracking and popping noise. I instantly screamed and cried in pain. Hurt badly. Should I be worried? My accident was saturday. I have been walking better each day. Granted still not normal, but I could walk more without crutches just using the brace. Today I can barely put any weight on it and it hurts like heck to move it.

When will I be normal again? I play volleyball and I can't wait to play. When will that happen? If I do get to play again will it never be the same?!

Hi, just responding. Got back from vacation yesterday.

How are you healing?

Yes, I can't straighten leg all the way or bend it all the way. I dont get pain when trying to straighten ..the thing just won't give. The bending portion I get serious pain when I go too far. Now I can almost get it to the normal sitting position (on a chair with feet flat on floor in front of me), but not quite. Usually my injured knee stays a bit out from the other. 2 weeks later, I am still swollen, not as much. Where it's swollen is the inside of my knee (MCL I guess) and the outside of my knee....just above my kneecap, but more to the side than directly above it. PLus my knee just looks lumpy.

I was playing volleyball. I lunged slightly, felt like my foot stuck, body kept going, It felt like my leg broke at my knee (not sure which way it actually bent---- and IT DID), but I heard a bunch of tearing, cracking noise then finally a pop and I collapsed.

On tues I am seeing a different doc. Didn't like the other guy. I just hope things will go quickly, hate waiting around!!!!


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