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I'm 46 and have the same noise in my left knee and some pain. My physiotherapist has told me it is due to a combination of me being overweight plus my inner thigh muscle is not as strong as it should be so the kneecap is being pulled unevenly.
Apparently when you bend the knee the inner thigh muscle should start to take the strain slightly before the outer muscle. If the inner muscle is weaker then the outer muscle starts to pull first and so the kneecap is not pulled in the correct line and grating can occur.

I have been given a series of exercises to do to try to strengthen my inner thigh muscle plus a referral to a Podiatrist as my physio thinks my habit of walking over hard on the outside of my foot has contributed to my inner thigh muscle becoming weaker.
Yep I get crunching sounds...My leg gets locked all the time. I struggle walking in this weather without a limp. I can't kneel down, I can just about manage to squat a little bit but thats all. I get dull aches all the time whether im walking or not & every so often I get sharp stabbing pains. I lose my balance all the time....I am a bit of a gobshite though....& my knee gives out all the time now too....So I end up looking like a right fool!
I just turned 18 in September & have been like it since this time two years ago, when I shattered my knee cap. After 4 operations its still not right. My last op was in September.
From my experience heat helps far more than cold. Cold just makes it worse. Deep heat works well, as does using a wheat pack thats been heated up or a hot water bottle. Long term, you should be doing as much excersize as you can. You DO NOT want to be losing your muscle in your leg, its a complete arse to build that muscle up, it takes alot longer to build it back up than it does to lose it. Get yourself to a physio & if its still a problem they'll refer you to a consultant.
When my knee first started cracking/crunching it was because I had an excess flap of cartalige which they shaved off but I think it may of grown back :(
I feel like an old woman when im out walking. Its embarassing, Im flippin 18 not 81.
Anyone else had loads of problems with there knee after a reconstruction?

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