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Ever since I started soccer practice (a month ago) I have been having a pain on the outside part of my right knee. When I push on it there it is painful but it's not really painful enough to have me clench my jaw or anything.

It seems like it gets better if I sleep on it and do nothing but then if I do some type of exercise it still feels fine until I let it sit still. Once I do some type of exercise and let it sit still for a while (sit in front of computer) when I stand up it is quite painful. As I slowly move it more though it becomes better and I don't notice a pain until I let it sit still for a while again. It never hurts during exercise (unless I had just been letting it sit still).

I cannot really think of more information than that at the moment. If there is something else that might be more helpful let me know. Any ideas what it might be?
Nope it doesn't make any noises, pop, or grind from what I can tell. I don't think this will mean anything but right next to my knee cap I can feel something move but I can also feel it in my other knee which doesn't hurt. (Only feel it when I put my fingers on it)
It may be your iliotibial (IT) band. This extends from your hip down to just below your knee. I had a problem with my IT band on my right knee after running a half marathon. The outer portion of my right knee hurt. My physical therapist gave me a foam roller to do exercises; I lay on my side and roll over it from my hip to my knee. It hurts to do this, but it seems to help loosen the muscle.

Google "iliotibial band syndrome" and see if these are the symptoms that you have. Whatever it is, I hope you feel better!
I look it up and it doesn't sound quite like what I have. One thing different is that the pain doesn't get worse with exercise (per say). The pain gets worse after exercise and I let the knee sit still for a while.

Also last night I was laying in bed and moving my knee (to see how it felt) and I noticed it does make a very slight popping noise.

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