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I am a business owner with no insurance so I usually pay for everything upfront. I am signed up with this medical program to give us discounts but it is limited. Anyway, I finally got my knees checked out but it isn't like I had Xrays or anything, so I am assuming the Doctor was just taking a guess on what my problem is. All the Doctor told me to do is do a squat, and she bent my knee and asked if there was any pain but there wasn't.

She then said it may be due to me just overdoing the workout, and told me to take 4 pills of ibuprofen for the pain every six hours. I have hit the gym hard after that slowly doing leg exercises, lost even more weight, played basketball, etc. However my knees still have a sharp pain only when I am about to jump. I can run and everything, but if I kneel down like I am about to jump there is a lot of pain that will not go away. I wanted to get an MRI when I went to the hospital but they said that the MRI alone would cost $3000. Man that is complete bs why we have to pay so much. I doubt I will get an MRI but I think there is something wrong with my knees since the pain will not go away and prevents me from jumping higher than a few inches off the ground.

That is so ironic since during my highschool days people said I was the highest jumper they have ever seen. The coach was even amazed and tested me and I was able to touch a 10 foot 8 inch marker hanging from the ceiling of my gym. Now I can't even jump at all, life is crazy. Does this sound familiar on what could be the cause of the problem? Thanks

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