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Hello - I was just recently told that I have chrondomylasia in my left knee that has most likely been caused from an accident several years ago in which I had dislocated my patella. Thing is, I'm 21 years old and I am a ballet/jazz/tap dancer getting ready to go to university to study more of it. I have to say that all of the popping and cracking is quite unattractive and leaves me in a lot of pain most of the time. My chiropractor was the one who diagnosed me with it. However, he gave me a good outlook. And it was not one of surgery. The problem is that when I dislocated it, it popped back in on its own when my muscles relaxed. But when this happened, the top of my kneecap and the bottom of my kneecap never lined up. This caused the rubbing of the bones. How am I solving my problem? Chiropractic. It has been five years since I have hurt it and it is difficult to get my patella to move, but I have been assured that with regular and persistant visits, he can get the top and bottom to once again align. After alignment, I can begin to strengthen the muscles in my leg and will prevent anymore patella rubbing. So far my knee has been pretty sore from trying to get it in a new position after five years, but it means no surgery and a good outlook. I have loose ligaments in my joints anyway so the chiropractor was not surprised that I had dislocated it to begin with. But if you are having trouble, I would say definately look into chiropractic before surgery. You have to be willing to give it time to heal as one or two visits will not be an instant fix. My chiropractic is a graduate of Palmer chiropractic in Iowa, but they are not the only great chiros. So I suggest giving it a shot.

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