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Re: MRI results :-(
Oct 10, 2006
Although they are good diagnosis tools, MRI's don't show everything. You may have something else going on that would explain your pain.

I agree on getting second opinions! If your knee if hurting, the doctor needs to find out what is going on. You are the one dealing with all of the pain. I believe that a "grade 1 MCL" sprain are microscopic tears. My first doctor told me that I had barely anything wrong with my MCL after he saw my first MRI. The second doctor (a new MRI as well) told me that my MCL was thickened about 3 times what it should be (obviously the result of trauma). I am still in the process of finding out what is causing my pain, with my second opinion. I like this doctor that I am dealing with now a lot better!

I had popping and tearing noise as well, my therapist suspects that I may have what they refer to as a "bucket handle" menicus tear. This is not always seen on an MRI, but can cause a lot of pain. He also mentioned that with some injuries don't show up on MRI's and arthroscopic surgery is the only way to really tell what is going on and possibly treat them.

I just hate when I hear about people going through what you are dealing with, because I have dealt with and am still dealing with my "MCL injury" that happened 2.5 years ago! I know that there is something else wrong, but I can't get arthroscopic surgery until I heal from my "tumor removal" surgery. Be presistant, don't let the doctor blow you off. I hope you can get some answers that explain what is going on. Keep us updated on your condition.

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