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On Wednesday the 4th, I had surgery to remove an osteochondroma on my femur above my knee. I went into the surgery thinking it would be a simple procedure with a quick recovery -- especially since it was outpatient surgery and no physical therapy was prescribed.

Well, here I am a week later and I've only just started hobbling around without crutches, but I still cannot bend my leg or walk normally. Some of the swelling has gone down, but there is still some swelling present which sometimes travels down to my shin area.

When I try to bend my leg, it hurts VERY badly - everything on the outside of my thigh feels pulled, and everything is incredibly stiff.

My question is - did they have to cut through muscle to get to the bone, or is everything swollen/painful/stiff simply due to having to stretch everything in order to access the bone? Will I be able to bend my leg again eventually??

Any help would be greatly appreciated ...
Wow, I had a similar surgery done on the 18th of September! I had a tumor that was attached to fibroadipose tissue, skeletal muscle, and the scant synovium. I just received my surgical report on the 4th of October and I visited my doctor for the first time since the surgery on that date as well. I have to kind of drag answers out of my doctor, so I'm not sure exactly what my tumor was all about. My tumor was on my thigh above my left knee, slightly towards on the outer portion of my knee.

It's been 3 weeks since surgery and I am having a hard time walking as well, I am still using crutches. My walking has improved, but I am still having a hard time. Since the surgery I can't bend my knee all the way, if I try it hurts and is very tight. I can't even do a leg lift! I am athletic, so it's not like I'm not physically in shape, but my quad muscles are not working on my left side. Also, I have a lot of swelling as well. Most of it went down after two weeks.

I had a plastic surgeon do the closure and I asked him how they did the surgery because I was wondering why I had a lot of brusing on my thigh (not even close to the cut). He said that they really pull the cut open to get to everything out, so he said that the incision was open VERY wide! Also, they cut some of the muscle out because the tumor was attached to it. This is why I have so much pain, swelling, brusing and stiffness!

I am going through physical therapy right now and my therapist told me that when you are exposed to that much trauma associated with this kind of surgery, the message from your brain to your muscle is interrupted and your muscle will shut down. He gave me excercise to help me regain that connection. He said that this is common with trauma and I will eventally get back to normal.

Sorry this was so long, but I have not heard of anyone else with this kind of problem! I hope that I answered your questions. Let me know how you are doing and feel free to ask me any other questions.

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