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I was told 2.5 years ago that I had an MCL tear after falling off of a ski lift, no other injury was found on the MRI other than a little bit of chondromalacia which my first doctor (first doctor because I found someone else who listens to me now) was not concerned about.

After my accident, my knee was in a locked position which I found out is not a typical symptom of an MCL tear. I brought this up to my first doctor and asked if I did anything else like tore my meniscus and he told me that you don't tear your MCL and meniscus together. He said that in addition to my MCL tear I would have had to tear my ACL in order to have my meniscus torn. I thought that sounded weird. He just told me that I had a kneecap tracking problem and to ice, do these exercises, and I would be fine.

Well, after a long time (over 2 years) of listening to that advice, my knee still hurts! I saw another doctor and I just had surgery to remove a tumor (right above my knee) that was probably caused by this knee injury 2.5 years ago! So now I have to heal and get my range of motion back before anything else can be done to find out what else is going on.

What are the symptoms of a torn meniscus? I am trying to figure out what else is wrong with my knee because I have A LOT OF PAIN under my kneecap, my knee pops, it hurts to go into a sitting position and hurts to get up from a sitting position. Also, my recent MRI indicates that I have water in my knee. I have a new doctor, but he wants to wait until I recover from my tumor removal surgery before doing anything. I just know that I have some other damage, but since I'm not a professional fo college football player, my injury is not important.

I just want to know what is causing me all of this pain! :confused:

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