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what is the deal with cracking joints?
iv heard so many different explanations i stopped researching it and turned to the forums where real people will answer

im only 16 and my knees have been cracking for a while whenever i squat or bend them

no grinding, just one loud pop noise
(peddling on my bike or squatting to a 90 degree angle sometimes causes lots of discomfort and even a bit of pain; this is the part that worries me)

it didnt bother me much, but now my left ankle has been cracking just from walking

im trying to find out why joints crack and if they will ever stop

(nothing hurts, its just annoying) the knee is a regular crack but the ankle is more of a click and it seems to happen more/is more noticable at early morning and late night (maybe its only because my shoes are off?)
any ideas?

thanks in advance

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