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I am 46 and have been advised by 3 ortho surgeons 10 yrs. ago that I needed bilateral thr. Well I was able to deal with the pain, but as we all know it just tends to get worse and now it is pretty bad. I still work fulltime and live alone so have no support at home for after surgery.

Dr. said he wanted me to loose weight quite alot before the surgery could be done. Well that was last year, went back to him about 4 months ago to get a cortisone shot in my hip joints. After he took new xrays now he tells me that there is not enough space in the joints to even give me a cortisone. Boy was that a big disappointment, after waitng 3 weeks to see him and I had so anticipated the relief these shots would give me.

He now says that losing the weight needs to be put on hold and he was wanting me to set up an appointment that day for the surgery. He said that both hip joints were completely bone on bone at this point.

My questions:

He wants to do the left hip joint and the right one 2 weeks later and said I should be back to work in 8 weeks total. Does this sound like it is too soon?

Is it possible to wait too long and the joint be so worn down that a replacement can't be done?

What is best metal or ceramic?

Gotta say I am terrified to have this done.

Please any advise/comments welcome.


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