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Horse Kicked Knee
Oct 23, 2006

I'm female and 42. My horse kicked the outside of my right knee Saturday morning. He hit me pretty hard but I don't think he broke or dislocated anything though it was hard enough to make my right knee hit the inside of my left knee and bruise it too. Fortunately he hit the side of my knee and hit the joint full on. If he'd hit my patella he might have dislocated my knee which has been dislocated and broken several times before. Of course, it was the bum knee that he kicked!

Mostly my knee just feels stiff and bruised with moderate pain. I can walk with a limp and even got up, after much swearing at my horse, and rode slowly very briefly after he kicked me though I can tell I won't be able to ride tonight. I've been icing it and taking an anti-inflammatory since. The pain is at its worst today (Monday), which I suppose is probably normal.

My knee almost always hurts (from previous injuries) and I worry just a little that as I grow older it may simply fall apart. :)

What I'm wondering is should I have a doctor look at it? The swelling and bruising is down deep but not extreme (like with internal bleeding). I feel it inside the joint though it doesn't look too bad on the outside. The other side of my knee hurts as well. Are there other things I should be doing for it? How long will it take to heal and when can I get back in the saddle? I always wear a knee brace when riding or doing other activities which stress my knee.

I'm reluctant to see a doctor as they seem to spend time dreaming up special tortures for knee patients. I especially dislike having the dye injected in there so they can yank and haul on my knee to get pictures of the cartilage. I really, really hate that!

Any advice would be most welcome.


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