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Hi everyone, just letting you know whats been going on, although not much! I hope some of the others who responded to me write back and let me know how they are doing!

I hurt my knee beginning of sept playing volleyball. I heard tearing then a loud pop. Had a MRI said really bad bruises on my knee bones. 8-12 weeks to heal! I called doc back and asked why the knee gives out, why the weakness, the popping in which he said, sometimes MRI aren't exactly right!
I've been doing my own at home PT ( can't afford to keep going to the real thing). It's been helping some. It was really pathetic to see how weak my knee is now which such simple exercises. I haven't been back to the doc b/c I have been mega broke. I do hope to get in there sometime this month. I still have instability problems, I still limp, I don't have to wear my brace but I dont know if thats good or not since my knee still buckles. Sometimes it feels like its sliding backwards and then I get pain, or it just gives way- forward. I have moments or extended periods when I get dull aching pain in the knee. I was playing with hubby (standing) and I went to shift my weight and I felt my knee start to buckle just like it did when I 1st injured it, it started to bend the wrong way, but I quickly stopped what I was doing and well, won't be doing it again anytime soon!!

I am frustrated that its still sore. I hate that I can't do too much. I can take a short jog but nothing more. It'll ache. If I am on my feet for a long time it hurts too.

So like I said hopefully I will get to see my doc again this month and find out more----???
Hi Jon,

That sounds alot like what I did to my knee at the end of Sept. I was loading groceries into the car and my right knee gave out. I had an mri which showed a torn patellofemoral ligament, joint effusion and bad bruising of the bone. For several weeks and even still now my knee will want to slide out of place, and I can actually move the whole kneecap completely to the right. I've been like you, in a brace and also doing PT, my dr said 4 more weeks of PT and if it's not better then surgery.

Maybe you have a torn ligament that your mri didn't pick up. I get woken every night with mine, something about it staying in one place too long, and mine still hurts when I walk or bend it, even with the brace. The dr told me to start sleeping in my brace and increased the pt.

You said the pt has been helping you a little, I was wondering if it is helping the pain and is it helping your muscles at all? My dr said my muscles were still extremely atrophied (my right leg looks like a pencil, lol) so he increased the pt. I hope you get to back to the dr soon. It's really frustrating that these things take so long to heal, it sounds like it would be really easy to reinjure your knee if it's still trying to give way so please be careful :) Take care, em

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