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I was injured at work on December 7, 2005. I had a washing machine on the dolly and when i went to pull it back it slipped and fell on top of my left knee. It caused me to fall. I went to the emergency room right away and found that nothing was broken. From them on i was on workmans comp. I did a month of physical therapy, continued to work full time. From then on my knee still had major problems. My MRI showed up negative for anything. I then was put on light duty and was sent home since work could not abide by the restrictions. I was directed to see and othrpedic surgeon who said it could be condromalacia patella. Offered a cortizone shot, but i refused. Then asked for a second opinion since he didnt want to see me unless i got the shot. The next orthopedic agreed with the diagnosis but said that there was nothing that can be done about it. I have suggested several times to do a scope. As well as my therapist and damily doctor said the same thing and contacted both doctors aobut it. I have also been diagnosed with tendinitis and scar tissue. My lawyer is doing the best he can but this is very time consuming. Basically i have been at home for months with no doctor, no benefits, and no income.
If anyone can relate to this or have any advice about who can treat me and no disregard my pain i would like to know. It seems to me that i have seen some shady doctors, and think that there is nothing wrong with me.
By the way I have done 2 cortizone shots and they are NOT worht it!!!

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