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Hi Kawai,

Hey, Girl, you don't have to sweat it so much! Life will be wonderful again! Now I do not know what type of THR you have had, but you are very young and said it was from OA, so I have to assume you did not have any other underlying, debilitating reasons for you THR.

I will say, from your posts, your OS may leave a little to be desired, but hopefully his surgical skill level is better than his comunication skills! All of your questions should have been addressed by him or his staff before your surgery. And you certainly should not be on your own for PT with just a pamphlet! Fortunalty there is plenty of info here and on other hippy sites to help you along, so do some surfing :) A great place to start are the 2 threads at the top of this board that are stickied. It is a lot of reading, but you will find so much information there it will make your head spin. I believe they are titled '6 months after thr'. They got so big, the moderator had to close them, but left them there for all the information in them.

Now, you are really still recovering, and I know you are at the stage where you really want more. It will come! You do have to do your part, however. The more PT you put into it, the better your longterm recovery will be. Most of the restrictions you are reading about are short term, temporary, to allow the hip joint to stabalize itself again. After it is healed, and depending on how good a job you do with PT, most if not all restrictions are lifted.

All of the things you ask about, you will be able to do better than ever, without all that pain! You have the right attitude IMHO, of wanting to live your life, not always worry about the hips. I sure did not get mine done to sit around and baby them forever!

I am 19 mons post simultaneous bilateral THR. Most of the time, unless I am checking these boards :), I do not think about my new hips. I am a VERY active 54 yo woman. I downhill and x/c ski. hike, run, mnt. bike, kayak, rollerblade, row, do yoga, horseback ride(hunter/jumper), some things at a competetive level. I run a boarding/grooming kennel, muck stalls, shovel snow, grow veggies and flowers. I have a VERY sexy DH ;). I LOVE MY NEW HIPS!

Now all that being said, much of what you can do post thr depends on you, although the skill of your surgeon had a lot to do with it. I did go into surgery in excellent shape. I came out with a very postive outlook and started right away to get back into condition. By 6 weeks, you can be well on your way with an aggressive PT. My best recommondation is to get into a pool. You can really get a good all over workout, start to rebuild lost muscle, work on range of motion, all without loading your joints. I did tons of pool running as well as pool aerobics and my hip exercises in the water. I would ask your OS to set you up with a good PT or find one on your own. It is not easy, getting all those muscles, tendons, ligaments, back, but it can be done. I was very fortunate to have outstanding PTs. Because of our athletics I had been seeing PTs for several years before my thrs to try to keep going so I already had them in place for after surgery. I know my recovery would have not been to succesfull without them.

Now if I were you, I would enjoy the temporary time you have to let DH pick up some of the slack. Find a good PT and get to it. Give yourself the time needed to heal and then start to look forward to life after thr. Good luck with your appointment!!

Believe in Barbaro

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