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i am a fit healthy average 18year old and enjoy playing rugby, but in october during a game i made a tackle and twisted my right knee. the day after i was in alot of pain i could not move my knee at all because of the pain. so i went too A+E. the doctor there said it was soft tissue damage and i should rest, so thats what i did the pain eased after a few weeks and i could bend my leg backwards with easy but when straightening it i had alot of pain so i decided to see a physio too get a proper diagnosis. the physio said he was unsure and it could either be ligament or cartilage damage however he was pretty certain it was not my cruciate ligament. there was also swelling at the base of my knee on the inside. the physio said too rest and do some exercises he gave me. he also said that if the pain does not go away in a few weeks then it is cartilage and i will need an operation but if the pain does go away its ligaments and they will heal. so i did as he said and the pain slowly went. while at work i was very carefull and did not hurt it in anyway. two months after seeing the physio i went too see the doctor for a check up on it and he bent it and twisted it and asked me if i could feel any pain i said no and he said he thaught their was nothing wrong with it. however last wednesday (6/12/06) i squated down and when i went to stand up the pain had come back and i could not straighten it.over the last few days the pain has eased and each day i can straighten it more and more. however if i go too squat i can feel sometihng pulling in my knee. i am no doctor, so i could be completly wrong here, but too me it feels like the ligaments i damaged need streching in some way as now they are tight because while they've been healing my legs has not been bent. can anyone help me as i am desperate too get back playing rugby and am supposed too be going skiiing in january. will i need surgery or will it heal its self?

regards Paul

p.s sorry about the bad english i must have taken a few too many knocks while playing :)

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