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I had a double total hip replacement in 2004 and, although it sounds like you're doing very well, I'm shocked at the lack of post-op support you received. Your level of activity really depends on the type of prosthetic you have, i.e. ceramic, plastic, metal, etc. I've done allot of research before and after my replacement and spoke to many doctors and therapists and I strongly suggest that you consult with a specialist prior to returning to aerobics.

The pounding of aerobics could damage your joint or disslocate it. Even if you modify your routine you could fall victim to a stress injury or fracture. After one year of a gradual return to exercise I increased my ski machine workouts beyond pre-op levels. Over the next few months I suffered severe thigh and knee pain that restricted my movement. Five months of limited leg activity has brought me almost back to normal.

You can be active after THR but you will not return to your pre-problem days. During your recovery you should be doing daily physical therapy and being watchful for signs of blood clots such as pain in the calves. Avoid anything that could cause an infection. Don't bend more than 90 degrees and never raise your knee up and into your chest as that could disslocate the hip.

This is a critical time for you. Do some research and be guided by recovery suggestions of medical professionals. Decisions made during the recovery process will effect the rest of your life. Be smart and be well.

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