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Gosh, I feel like Im falling apart. Just found this site today and I think I have posted and had questions on every board. Anyway, have had this pain in my right knee next to the knee cap. That would be on the inside of the leg. Or the right side if you are looking at it. Also has a small amount of swelling about the size of an uncooked biscuit. Dont remember hurting it in anyway but the pain just is there. Cant squat at all cause this causes pain, Can go downstairs on right leg but not upstairs. Going downstairs on other leg causes severe pain in knee. At times, usually at rest, I have sharp shooting pains in the knee that cause me to flinch. They might happen 5 to 10 times and then stop. changing position of the knee does not change the pain. This usually happens when laying on my right side. Had xrays done several months ago and the doctor found nothing but wanted me to have an MRI. I really cant afford to have that since our Insurance is junk. Even if I could afford it, can I afford to fix it once I know what it is? Any suggestions would be very helpful.

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