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When my tumor was removed the oncologist didn't say anything about doing a "synovectomy". However, my 2nd surgery (when my knee was scoped) the doctor mentioned that he was going to do a synovectomy. I didn't ask him if he did that, thanks for reminding me I'll ask him at my next appointment! My knee actually feels great now (after it was drained), I can actually feel my quad muscle engage and it's not stiff. When all of the fluid was built up in my joint, my muscle was simply NOT working correctly! It would drive me crazy when the PT would keep telling me that it was a strength issue. It's NOT, the dynamics of my knee were compromised as a result of the fluid. I am crossing my fingers and praying that the fluid DOES NOT come back! My kneecap was just "floating" around, off track and popping A LOT before he drained it.

I FINALLY have a glimmer of hope right now! I went for a long walk today, something that I have not been able to do for a LONG time! I used to be an avid runner and I hope to return soon! However, this has been such a frustrating problem that I have ever had to deal with.

I know your frustration. It is scary to think about going into surgery and what the results may be. How many doctors have you seen about your problem? I am happy that I decided on a second and third opinion, this doctor (the knee specialist) has helped me out a lot. I wish you luck and I'll keep you in my prayers. Keep me posted with your situation.

Also, I thank all on this board who have listened to my rants and frustrations, everyone has been so nice and has offered such useful information. God bless!

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