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Hello All,

I am an avid athlete who plays sports year round. This is the first time I've had to face anything (aside from a normal injury which heals) which is preventing me from playing to my ability and/or the frequency.

My knees have always been fine - never any injuries. But over the summer, and in the fall, I moved a couple of times - boxes out of storage out of my friends basement and then again up and down stairs when I permanently moved. Since I don't like asking for help, I moved everything that I could before asking, including very heavy boxes that I literally had to go step by step in order to get it up or down stairs. From then on, my knees have been bothering me.

Going up and down stairs or just bending them, they make an awful crackling sound.

Sometimes, after much activity, I can barely jog.

If I sit and bend my right knee for a period of time, I can't straighten it right away and cannot walk normally right away.

I checked with my pharmacist who recommended chrondoitin glucosamine (spelling?) and to take it pretty much "forever" but it would take at least 3 months to feel the effects. It's been about 4 1/2 and I feel no improvement.

The obvious answer is to see a doctor but the problem is I do not have insurance (working on trying to get a permanent job with benefits). And I already have too many medical bills as it is.

The next obvious answer is to apply for free care - which I did but what I make temping is apparently too much so I don't qualify.

So UNTIL I get insurance to see a doctor, what I want to know is - what can I do (say, at the gym) for exercises to help with the knees?

And also, am I injuring my knees worse by continuing to play sports now through the pain? I can deal with the pain if I knew for sure I wasn't doing any more damage.

I know this may sound trivial but being active is a huge huge part of my life and I want to do whatever it takes to recover from this - or will my knees always be bad now?

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