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I don't believe resurfacing is even a possibility with AVN. For successful resurfacing, there needs to be good bone in the femoral head. Has your surgeon indicated how long you can expect to wait? Have you considered getting a second opinion? I encountered an 18-yr-old girl on another forum who received a THR so I know that it's possible to get one if you find a surgeon who will do it. Can't recall the reason for hers but in young people it's usually either because of a congenital hip deformity, an accident, or AVN.

In the meantime, I hope you have adequate pain meds and are using whatever kinds of mobility aids that will permit you to have as full a life as possible. This includes crutches, a wheelchair, whatever it takes to get you around as comfortably as possible.

And, again, I urge you to get a second (or even a third) opinion. But you need to also accept the reality that getting your hip replaced today, even with the highly durable ceramic or metal bearings, almost guarantees that you will need more than one revision in your lifetime. And revisions are not always as successful as primary hip replacements and they have higher complication rates. And young people are more apt to beat up their new hips (and need revision surgery sooner) because they are more active than the usual THR patients (like me) who are much older and much less active. This is probably your surgeon's line of reasoning. If you can believe this: I was told by my primary care doctor that I was too young for hip replacement -- and I was 56 years old! This point of view is not unusual among some physicians and it has been a standard line of thinking for a long time. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are new materials used in the hip prosthesis that are fairly new and may last longer than the old metal/poly bearings. I hope you can find a surgeon who will consider these and give you a chance to get the THR.
Have you talked to your Dr. about a ceramic on ceramic hip? Mine are both ceramic and Drs don't know how long they will last but they are much better than the polyethelene/metal. My Dr. said you can look me up in "the home" and tell me how long it lasted--in other words he thinks they will hold up a long long time.

You can tell by my screen name, that I did have a leg length problem, but read my posts under "Leg over an inch too long" to get the whole story.


I had my hip replaced THR at 24, i am now almost 38, been suffering for about 2 months, hopeing to get a consultation very soon, as far as i am aware, i had the ceramic-on-ceramic hip (because of my age), but now the knee in my bad leg is giving a great deal of pain, especially when walking in the cold, plus my good natural hip that was ok is giving me pain, feels a bit like it sticks on the front part of the joint, thus a but notchy.

I would be interested to know how long cermaics last !.


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