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[QUOTE=rbradh;2919878]Hi, I had my right hip resurfaced 3 days after my 46th birthday. I am 16 days post op now. My doctor released me to drive at my 2 week post op appointment. He also told me I could get off the walker and start using a cane.

I had severe arthritus in my hip and had been in pain for 5 years. The last year the pain was severe. I was on 400mg of Celebrex and that only made where I could bare to move.

The only thing I have regretted is that I waited so long to have it done. One week after my surgery I walked a half a mile (with my walker) and 2 weeks I had made it to over a mile. I still have a dull pain on the outside of my quadricep (when I flex it) and a dull pain in my glute. I have also noticed that my right knee hurts a bit when walking up a stair.

My incision is 7 and 3/4" and had 19 staples. It never bruised. I think I had two truely remarkable surgeons perform my proceedure.

I still walk with a little limp but I think that is more of a habit than anything. I have very little to no pain when taking a step.

This has thus far been fantastic. I can't wait to swing a golf club again..

hi I had my left hip resurfaced 7 months ago. I am 57 and active. In answer to your question, Yes you can over due it be careful. for the first year do only what the doctor or phyiso tells you to do and no more. I did what you have done and more because i thought more was better. I still have pain and cannot bend all the way over to put my sock on 7 months later. you can also loosen the pin that holds the cap by overdoing it. i did play golv three months later with very little pain.

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