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Hi there.

Four days ago, I injured my knee, whilst playing a football game. The ball was played behind me and I, with my right foot firmly implanted in the ground, swung round to try and hook it with my left (being naturally left-footed). As I did so, my right made a loud, cracking/popping sound and gave way. I saw, as I was falling to the ground, my knee move so it was almost on the side of my leg.

The pain was immense at first. I was carried off the pitch and sat on the sideline, in agony. However, it was shortlived. After a few minutes - 5 at the most - the pain subsided to a numb sensation.

I was taken to hospital by car, and by the time I was there, my knee was hugely swollen. In the hospital, I was given an x-ray, but there was too much blood around the knee to tell whether there was any problems with anything, apart from the bone.

I have borrowed some crutches to get around on, as I can't put much (if any) weight on it. When I try to, my knee can sometimes take it, but sometimes can't and feels very insecure - it feels like someone is driving a wedge behind my kneecap, and collapses. The swelling is gradually decreasing. The majority of the swelling is situated either side of the knee.

When sitting stationary with my knee at about 135 degrees, all is fine - it doesn't hurt at all. But move it a bit away from there and it starts to twinge.

Now, my football coach is convinced I have done something to my cruciate, as he says he had exactly the same symptoms when he did his. But I'm not sure. Wouldn't it be extremely painful, even when sitting still? would I be able to put any pressure on it?

I would appreciate any answers/comments/replies I get.


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