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Twisted knee
Feb 6, 2007
I need some help here...I'm trying to train for a marathon but I twisted my knee 2 weeks ago. Let me explain how it happened (sorry it's long).
I was in a classroom that has chairs connected to long tables, and they swivel out to the left or right side. I was sitting kind of sideways, and I tried to pull myself forward. My feet were flat on the ground, facing slightly sideways (to the right) as my body was, and as I pulled myself forward (to the left) I felt a sharp pain along the inside of my left knee (along the side of my knee). It didn't feel good when it happened and I thought for sure the marathon training was done. But, much to my surprise I had no problems or pain walking. I had no problems at all until almost a week after this happened. So I was thinking all is fine and the marathon training will continue.

Now, I can feel pain right where I felt pain when I twisted my knee, when I run. It's not terrible, but annoying. A couple days ago I was feeling around my knee and I found that I was hurting on the bone. From my experience with injuries this led me to think maybe I have a stress fracture. So yesterday I was thinking that twisting my knee didn't hurt anything, and I could have a stress fracture. I have 3 small bruises on my knee. All 3 are on the inside of my knee, and one is actually about an inch below my knee, near a bone (tibia I think?). I still ran today and it hurt but not terribly. I just don't know what's going on.....I mean will this go away or could something be wrong and should I stop running.

By the way, I'm just in the beginning of training for the marathon, so Tues & Thur I run 3 miles, Wed & Sat is 5 miles, Sun. is long run(I'm up to 9 miles). Mon. I swim and bike, Fri. I do nothing.

If anyone has read this entire post...Thank You.....and any suggestions? I'm not sure if it's worth seeing a doctor or not.

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