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Knee & Hip Problems Board Index knees hurt really bad.

I've been dealing with them starting from just an annoyance to this morning when I got out of bed and it felt like the left side of my left knew was rubbing directly on the cap. It hurts bad, causes me to limp and gives me sharp pains that make me wince when I'm just standing (stairs are worse).

My family talked me into going to the doctor. I thought at 33 years old it wouldn't be a big deal. If you're new to Calgary it is impossible to get a family doctor because of the large population, so I went to a clinic. The doctor at the clinic in turn sent me to get my knees x-rayed. A week later the clinic called me in, and the doctor basically said he didn't know what was going on with my knees. He said that the outside of each knee's cartilage was wearing thin, but he had no reason or affliction to attribute it to.

He then told me to take bell shark cartilage. That was basically it. I've been popping bell shark cartilage for a month now, and my knees feel just as bad and maybe even worse some mornings (like today).

It either hurts or feels uncomfortable to walk up or down stairs. Running is out for now as it feels like I'm not put together properly. Standing still seems to be getting more and more uncomfortable. It feels like bone is rubbing on bone and that the problem is directly under the knee cap and towards the outside (where the clinic doctor told me the cartilage was wearing thin).

I don't think going back to him will solve anything. Should I see a specialist? If so, what kind? Does anyone know what this could be related to? What would cause this? I've never had a serious knee injury, and I haven't exposed my body to a lot of contact sports. I like to run, bike, swim and don't feel comfortable doing any of those lately. I want to be able to run with my 11 and 8 year old daughters.



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