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Aren't I too young for arthritis? I'm only 35.
I used to go to the gym for 5 years and do weights and treadmill. I quit 2 years ago, now I can barely walk on my treadmill at home. Could years of lifting weight have hurt my hip?

Also, there is a spot I can press on the side of my hip that really hurts when I press it.
Hip pain does not cause pain in the ankle or shin does it?

I've noticed my left ankle feels swollen occasionally in the morning when I get up for the last several months. Never paid much attention to it but now that I'm not wearing socks and have on capris (nice weather here), I can see that my ankle, and shin on the left are slightly swollen. They also really hurt today. I'm on my period, so don't know if this is water retention, but I don't know why it would be on that side. This is also the same side as the hip pain. The pain in is my groin and rear, and I know these can be from hip problems, but I don't think the ankle and shin pain could be related.

1 1/2 years ago I broke a toe on that foot, and had to walk on the back side of my foot for several weeks. I've noticed that I do that a lot now, just naturally position my foot that way. Don't know if this is related. But I just went to my doctor today and didn't mention it to him because it wasn't bad this morning, but now it really hurts and I can see the swelling.

I'm freaking out about this.

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