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thanks a ton for the reply...i appreciate it very much

i think my biggest upset with all of this, is the fact that i have been in my 'convalescent' period now for like 8 accident was on july 21, i went through my surgery, did all the in hopsital therapy stuff, came home, was useless for awhile,, then started outpatient pt...and i was doing a lot better...even like a month ago, i could, of course with some discomfort, do just about anything...and now, i walk with a cane again, and i can barely walk...i'm going to call and schedule the surgery this week, might as well face it and get it over's going to be weird though, if i come out of surgery less than the way i was a month ago...i just wish they would have been able to see that my ball joint was cracked when i first had my accident on july 21...and all my post op appointments...i don't understand how something like this can just happen that fast...when you put soo much of yourself into therapy, and getting used to a completely different way of life, and you are working towards placing yourself back into the norm, and then you are told you have to do it all over again, and this time, i'll need more throughout my life...its tough and unexpected....

i feel like this entire situation has changed me, like before this i barely would take a tylenol...and then i started on so many painkillers and muscle relaxants...which honestly don't work too well, just enough to rest my mind...

anyways, thanks to all for reading my rants=)
i appreciate the feedback, and i guess i just have to take the leap now...since i really don't know how much longer this ball is going to be there...i have gotten significantly worse in just the past 4 it is time


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