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Cracking in knee
Mar 19, 2007
My knees have always cracked and popped whenever I squat to pick something up. For about a month, now, my left knee has been making a cracking noise whenever I put pressure on it to walk up steps. Sometimes it hurts and there is sometimes a feeling of pressure in it. My left knee hurts when I go to kneel on it. Does anyone have any insight to what might be going on with my knee. I know I should contact and be seen by my doctor, but I was just wondering what may be wrong and if anyone has the similar if not same thing going on with their knees.
I had the same thing and the dr. told me chondromalicia. Turns out it was arthritis...we think. you should see someone who can tell if there is any damage beyone what you are feeling.
i have had popping in my knees for years. now i have a problem with going down steps. this is an off and on problem with my right knee. i stopped doing certain exercises at the gym because it seems to aggravate the knee. when it goes away i can go down steps fine. :angel:
Just Married, is it cracking or clicking? I'm not sure about cracking but clicking alot of times me you have fluid in you knee. Antiflamatory drugs such as advil or alieve work to help get rid of it. If it doesn't get better, you may want to see a doctor. Mine clicks but an MRI showed there is alot more wrong with me knee. Your most likely may just be fluid in the knee.

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