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My daughter (15) is having surgery on the 19th for patellar subluxation/dislocation. She has seen 2 ortho docs and the concensus is that there is no great fix for this problem. The best/easiest treatment includes strengthening the muscles that support the knee. Unfortunately, PT didn't work for her (she's popped her patella out twice since completing therapy). One surgeon wanted to shave offthe anterior portion of the tibia where the kneecap is supposed to track and move it slightly to improve tracking. The ortho doc that is doing her surgery doesn't like that kind of surgery stating that changing the architecture of the bone may improve tracking, but may result in pain of the knee cap. She will be having arthroscopic surgery to repair a small tear in the cartilage, smooth off the pitting on the back of the patella and then he will do a lateral retinacular release. He is hoping that, along with more PT, will keep the patella in line. If she pops it out again after recovering from surgery, she will be forced to have an open tightening of the medial retinaculum and shortening of one of the muscles (I think that's what it was). I will try to let you know how things go with her surgery. Good luck to you!

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